American Traditional Tattoos: A guide to doing them right

The Renaissance of the American traditional tattoo

Lately, there has been a revival of American Traditional Tattoos, often called old school or Americana tattoos, not only for nostalgia but also to break free from the mainstream ideas and express individualism. Or perhaps, people simply want to express their more rebellious side and give a nod to a time gone by when that was what tattoos originally symbolized. When it comes to tattoos, we should always pick tattoo styles that best fit us as individuals, not just on a whim or as part of a current trend. Remember, your artist will be transforming the chosen design into a piece of your body art that will be there a lifetime. And that piece of body art needs to mean something to you, so that you’ll still love it years later!

So why the popularity of American traditional tattoos is on the rise again?

For multiple reasons, of course. The bold colors almost always compliment any skin tone. Packed with primary colors, these tattoos age beautifully and remain vibrant through the years. Also, with American Traditional tattoos embodying the longing for something or someone, and freedom, the reevaluation of our very existence in the current circumstances definitely explains the rising popularity of this style as a quest of sorts for a different life experience.

Creating a collection in American craditional style

A unique thing about American traditional tattoos is how relatively easily you can bring individual ones together to create a true masterpiece on your skin. The collection can be built over time as opposed to completing the entire project at once. However, the overall vision for it, the planning and keeping up with consistent quality of work are the keys for this collection to come into existence. If you plan on building up the Americana tattoo collection, it is extremely important NOT give in to a temptation to run all over town getting randomly placed small tattoos from various artists. This includes popping into a shop when you’re on vacation like many people do. Trust us; this will likely end in disappointment with final results. The images will not have a cohesive look, and how could they? Random artists have inked your skin with their individual interpretations of the style.

Build a relationship

While the designs of American Traditional tattoos may look simple they are anything but! So instead of getting inked by various artist, we’d recommend building a relationship with a specific artist that specializes in traditional tattooing. Remember, YOUR skin is their canvas, and you will wear the art they create on it forever. Research the tattoo shop carefully. Talk with an artist you like. Check out their recent work. Don’t feel bad if it isn’t the right match. In the end, it’s your body and your vision. The artist is you choose is the one who will help you bring that vision to life. Like American traditional tattoos created by ArtHouse? Then send us a message, or an email, and let’s discuss your traditional tattoo project!