• Remember to never touch your healing tattoo with unwashed hands.
  • Remove bandage after 2-3 hours, wash with antibacterial soap and water, apply thin coat of Bacitracin and bandage again.
  • Change bandage every 3-4 hours, every time repeating the process of washing with soap and reapplying thin coat of ointment.
  • It is recommended to change bandage before bed and leave it on overnight.
  • After 4 or 5 days, stop bandage and the use of ointment. Switch to a gentle, mild moisturizing UNSCENTED lotion, like Lubriderm or Aquaphor.
  • DO NOT use petroleum jelly or any zinc containing products.
  • There should be NO exposure to sun, NO bath or swimming while tattoo is healing, up to 10 days or as long as needed.
  • It is normal for a fresh tattoo to start peeling or get itchy. This is a part of the healing process. DO NOT scratch or pick at it, as doing so could lead to permanent scarring or partial color loss.

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